AccessPak to HIV for PEP Expanded With the Viracept

Common Brands Actos
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Not a controlled medication
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Lower-cost generic available
Prescription only
Kaci Durbin, MD
Kaci Durbin, MD
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Medically reviewed by Kaci Durbin, MD last update on 20/12/2023


AccessPak to HIV for PEP, now expanded with the inclusion of Viracept, stands as a comprehensive and essential protocol for preventing HIV infection in specific high-risk situations. This overview provides a detailed exploration of AccessPak and Viracept, offering insights into their uses, mechanisms of action, potential side effects, precautions, drug interactions, dosage guidelines, and prescription requirements.

AccessPak to HIV for PEP serves a critical role in emergency scenarios, such as needlestick injuries or unprotected sexual encounters. With the addition of Viracept, the protocol gains increased efficacy, making it a vital tool in occupational settings where healthcare professionals may face potential exposure to HIV.



Prescription only

Pregnancy & Lactation