Acetohydroxamic acid

Common Brands Actos
Drug Class
Controlled Substance Classification
Not a controlled medication
Generic Status
Lower-cost generic available
Prescription only
Allison Barnes, PharmD
Allison Barnes, PharmD
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Medically reviewed by Allison Barnes, PharmD last update on 20/12/2023


At its core, Acetohydroxamic Acid stands out as a versatile pharmaceutical agent with diverse applications. Originally designed to combat chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), AHA has evolved into a potent tool in managing struvite kidney stones and beyond. Understanding its chemical composition and mechanism of action is crucial to appreciating its efficacy in different medical scenarios.

Acetohydroxamic Acid, synthesized through chemical processes, boasts a unique molecular structure that underlies its pharmacological effects. Initially developed with a focus on addressing chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), its chemical composition contributes to its efficacy in inhibiting bacterial urease and preventing the formation of ammonia—a key factor in persistent UTIs.



Prescription only

Pregnancy & Lactation