Shifali Patel, PharmD

Drug Information Reviewer




University of Georgia


  • Drug information reviewer at GoodRx
  • Senior sales executive at Eli Lilly
  • Independent travel consultant 


Shifali Patel, PharmD, worked as a pharmacist in a hospital setting for 3 years prior to joining GoodRx. As a hospital pharmacist, she reviewed medication orders for safety and accuracy, optimized medication therapy, provided clinical information to healthcare providers, and educated people about their medications. She currently works in sales as a part of the diabetes team at Eli Lilly & Company. 


Shifali attended the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy and graduated with her Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) in 2018. 

Writing and reviewing medical information fulfills my desire to connect with the greater public. I have always been passionate about pharmacy and medications, and being able to curate accessible and easy-to-understand information is highly rewarding to me. I truly feel the biggest gift I can give anyone is the gift of knowledge.

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