Know more about Retinal migraine

  Even though they are less frequent than other types of migraines, retinal migraines can have a major negative influence on a person’s vision and general quality of life. Effective management requires knowledge of the retinal migraine symptoms, available treatments, and potential consequences. It is characterized by visual abnormalities in one or both eyes. This […]

Silent migraine; Cause, symptoms, and treatments

  Silent migraines are difficult to identify and comprehend because they don’t always present with the classic headache pain symptom. A variety of silent migraine symptoms, such as anxiety, vertigo, and aura, are presented by this mysterious illness and can have a major negative influence on a person’s quality of life. Silent migraine symptoms: Although […]

Understanding Episodic membrane

  Millions of people worldwide suffer from episodic migraine headache, a neurological condition marked by recurrent mild to severe headaches. Sufferers’ quality of life is greatly impacted by this ailment, which frequently results in impairment and decreased productivity. Patients and healthcare professionals must be aware of the signs, causes, available treatments, and management techniques for […]

Hemiplegic migraine disorder

A relatively uncommon kind of migraine headache known as hemiplegic migraineĀ is defined by momentary paralysis or muscle weakness on one side of the body, frequently coupled with additional migraine symptoms. Its complexity and wide range of presentations make diagnosis and treatment extremely difficult. This thorough guide clarifies this severe neurological disorder by examining the signs, […]

Vestibular Migraine

  A neurological condition known as vestibular migraine, a type of migraine, frequently manifests as symptoms about the auditory system, impairing balance, and orientation in space. Vestibular migraines and vertigo, in contrast to conventional migraines, mainly impact the inner ears and brain areas in charge of balance and coordination. This illness presents special difficulties for […]

Understanding of Chronic Migraine

Chronic migraine disease is characterized by frequent, excruciating headaches that greatly interfere with day-to-day activities. In contrast to infrequent attacks, chronic migraines are more common, affecting people for at least 15 days per month, at least eight of which are migraine days. Because of the potential for a major decline in one’s standard of life, […]

Know more about migraine

Neurological illnesses known as migraines are typified by recurrent headaches that are frequently accompanied by other symptoms such as light and sound sensitivity, nausea, and, in certain situations, numbness or dizziness. Although severe headaches are most commonly associated with migraines, a small percentage of people suffer migraine symptoms in addition to headaches. Several aspects of […]